20 in 1 Accessory Pack for Nintendo DSi


Features: * Plastic stylus pen: Convenience to input on the console (2 pcs) * Plastic finger pen: Ergonomic design, more convenient for input (2 pcs) * Film guard: Protect the screen of the console (2 pcs) * Soft card: Helps to paste the film better onto the console screen (1 pc) * Car Charger: To facilitate travel by car, used for console charging (1 pc) * Wrist strap: Convenient to take console, prevent from slipping from your hand when playing a game (2 pcs) * USB Charging cable: Easy for the consoles charging (1 pc) * DS Card Case: Protect DS Game cards from damage. Water resistant, shock-proof, and anti-fall (2 pcs) * Cleaning Cloth: The texture is soft, and can effectively erase the dust and dirt from the console (1 pc) * Rubber plug: To prevent dust from entering into the power supply and earphone jack of the console (3 pcs) * Crystal Case: Protect DSi console from dirt and dust (1 pc) Item Dimensions: 8.50″ x 8.00″ x 2.50″ Item Weight: 0.55lbs

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