Blackberry Playbook Tablet 64GB + Charging Pod + Rapid Wall Charger + 2 Power Cords – Black


Are you dead set on finding precisely the correct tablet device for your small (or large!) business? Why settle for the obvious when you’ve got the perfect business-ready tablet staring you in the face? The BlackBerry Playbook Tablet is formatted to work for you and your business in a manner unlike any other tablet, with the same BlackBerry technology that has made their phones a necessary part of business life worldwide. With 64GB of internal storage, two cameras, micro-HDMI output, and much more, your video conferences, spreadsheets, and presentations will never be the same again! Keep your BlackBerry PlayBook powered up and ready to use with the BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod, Rapid Wall Charger, and 2 Power Cords (all items included) . The BlackBerry Rapid Wall Charger features a small, compact design that makes it perfect for travel use. Just plug your PlayBook into the charger to give it a quick charge and keep it working at optimum performance levels at all times. With the BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod you can watch movies, listen to music, make calls, and more on your BlackBerry PlayBook while it charges. Take full advantage of this deal while it lasts.

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