Bunches & Bunches Smoked Chile Mole Sauce


Mark Slawson, the savory side of the Bunches & Bunches kitchen, doesn’t get far into his day without asking what’s for dinner? Here at Mouth, we agree, and our weeknight dinners have gotten an easy boost from Mark’s rich and spiced mole sauces. This smoky-sweet sauce tastes like the labor of love that it is: Mark imports smoked pasilla chiles from the Mexican state of Oaxaca and simmers them for hours with other chiles, tomato, onion and spices. We’re head over heels. tip of the tongue Top warm corn tortillas with shredded chicken cooked in Smoked Chile Mole Sauce, then garnish with fresh cilantro, thin-sliced radish and cotija cheese or a dollop of sour cream.

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