Check Point Software Technologies CPVH-VAC-IV VPN-1 Accelerator Card IV


Organizations are deploying virtual private networks VPNs to deliver secure connectivity to remote offices, mobile users, and business partners. However, as the volume of VPN traffic grows, performance becomes increasingly important. VPNs must secure network communications without degrading performance. The computationally intensive tasks required by some encryption algorithms, such as AES or 3DES, can exhaust host CPU resources, causing VPN gateways to become performance bottlenecks. Check Point Software meets this performance challenge with the VPN 1 Accelerator Card IV. Developed jointly with Silicom, VPN 1 Accelerator Card IV is a PCI card that offloads intensive cryptographic operations from the host CPU of a VPN 1 gateway to a dedicated processor on the card. VPN 1 Accelerator Card IV delivers more than 400 Mbps of AES or 3DES encrypted VPN throughput. Even when VPN traffic is moderate, VPN 1 users benefit from the card because of it freeing gateway resources for other secure tasks.

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