Comfort Personal Cleansing Shield Barrier Cream Cloths, 24 ea


Cleans Treats Protects Proven barrier protection. 3% dimethicone formula was proven equivalent to traditional tube barrier creams by Northwestern University s Department of Dermatology. 2 Breathable, transparent dimethicone barrier makes skin assessment easy without removal. 1 Helps eliminate mess of standard zinc oxide and petroleum-based barriers; makes each cleanup easier. 4 Helps maximize compliance to your incontinence care protocol. Delivers an effective barrier every time. 7 Helps treat and prevent perineal dermatitis; helps seal out wetness. 6 Facilitate daily skin inspection with our exclusive peel-and-stick Peri Check Guide 5 New soft tub uses 90% less packaging than standard plastic tubs. Less waste, with all of the same great treatment and prevention benefits! Multiple steps associated with traditional methods of incontinence care often mean barrier a

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