Complete Medical D350 Prohealth Personal Health Scale Pounds


Pounds- The precision movement of this sturdy low-profile scale with circular display guarantees exact results and the design with a lot of white and chrome gives the scale a fresh timeless look- The powder-coated steel casing is built to last a lifetime- The spacious tread area on the weighing platform is covered in easy-to-clean black synthetic material for fast wipe-downs- The modern elegant scale design will make a positive impression in any room- Durable features include reliable corrosion protection by galvanizing the frame and parts- Easy-to-Read large 7-inch dial registers weight quickly- Features adjusting scroll to set the Zeropoint and Balance- Spacious platform accomodates large shoe sizes- Low-Profile compact design requires little floor space- Capacities: D350 350 lb x 1 lb / 160 kg x 1 kg D350K 160 kg x 1 kg- Platform Dimensions: 10-6 W x 10-6 D- Dial Diameter: 7 / 178 mm- SKU: COMSU18634

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