Easy French Platinum – Windows


Parlez-vous francais? After completing the four levels of Easy French Platinum, you’ll be able to say ‘Oui’ – and a whole lot of other words and phrases that can help you regardless of whether you’re traveling for business, school or just for fun. Imagine sitting in one of those classic French cafes and being able to order your ‘croissant’ or your ‘baguette avec le fromage’ without hesitation. Imagine boarding ‘l’autobus’ and understanding exactly how much to pay and at what stop to get off. With Easy French Platinum, you have all the tools you need to learn how to understand and speak the French language. Easy French Platinum offers you a personalized learning experience tailored to your own needs and experience. Take the diagnostic pretest to determine your level, then pass through the exclusive four learning levels as part of a full-immersion technique that incorporates real-world conversations and interactive lessons. Once you’ve got the words down, use the Advanced Voice Recognition program and the Speech Analysis Workshop to perfect your accent. Engage in more than 200 games, lessons and exercises that will guide you through the language in an active way. Receive personalized lesson plans and complete five practice workshops to target your knowledge. With Easy French Platinum, you even get access to cultural movies and online resources that bring the language to life, as well as access to the Easy French eBook for quick references. If you’ve been meaning to learn a new language, travel abroad or just add to your skill set, Easy French Platinum will help you with your goals. N’attends pas – there is no time like now.

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