EQyss Flea Bite Pet Shampoo/Spray – Dual Pack


EQyss Flea Bite Shampoo and Spray Dual Pack offers two methods of soothing your pet’s itching when they’re suffering from flea bites. These botanical products are all natural to ensure that they’re safe for your pets. These products offer a pleasant citrus scent and work to relieve the itching that your pet may experience even after being treated for fleas. The two products also offer a perfect complement to one another to ensure your pet remains comfortable in their flew bites have subsided. In addition to relieving your pet’s itch, these products act to promote skin and coat health by conditioning fur and moisturizing skin. The spray works to complement the shampoo by providing a leave-in solution that relieves your pet for any period of time that they are unable to bathe. Both the spray and shampoo come in 16 oz bottles with the spray coming with an easy-to-use nozzle. Order this dual pack for your poor pet suffering from fleas today! Key Features: Soothes itchy skin from flea bites Conditions fur and moisturizes skin Comes with 16 oz topical, leave-in spray and 16 oz shampoo bottle

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