Far Cry 4 Season Pass (PC)


The Syringe (available on launch day) — An exclusive mission that sees you preventing main antagonist Pagan Min from retrieving a rare recipe and using it against the rebellion. This mission is playable in Far Cry 4’s single-player and co-op modes. Escape from Durgesh Prion — Details are light on this mission, with Ubisoft only saying that you will team up with a friend to escape Yuma’s prison after being locked up and tortured. Hurk Deluxe Pack — This includes five missions featuring Hurk, a man you may remember from Far Cry 3. Three of these missions are called Yak Farm, Blood Ruby, and Hurk’s Redemption. Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not share any further details about these missions or name the other two. Overrun — This is a new player-versus-player multiplayer mode where you can play as either the Rakshasa or the Golden Path. Your job is to capture territory around Kyrat while simultaneously stopping the territory from being taken by your enemies. Valley of the Yetis — In this content, after you crash land on a Himalayan ridge, you must trek through the frozen landscape, scavenging for tools and upgrades for your campsite. You’ll also have to fight off deadly nighttime attacks from a mysterious cult, Ubisoft says. On top of that, Ajay can explore caves, but watch out for what lurks within, Ubisoft warns, presumably about Yeti danger. Valley of the Yetis is playable in single-player and co-op.

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