Frontpet Indoor/Outdoor Soft-Sided Pet Crate – XLarge


This FrontPet Soft-Sided Pet Crate XXL is your dog’s ideal domicile. First and foremost, it’s spacious (at 48x30x30 inches) . Dogs of all sizes (up to 70 lbs) will find it accommodating and comfortable. Small dogs have a vast expanse of space, whereas larger dogs find nowhere more well-suited for their bigger size. There’s also plenty of space for an extra bed or other amenities. The durable 600D oxford material combined with round edges ensures: Safe handling for you and any rambunctious kids Safe habitation for your pet No scuff marks on walls or home decor Cozy fitting into house corners Heading Out The mesh material offers great ventilation and the crate’s base is water-resistant, both of these qualities help facilitate outdoor adventures. Often, the FrontPet Soft-Sided Pet Crate XXL is an ideal place for your dog to catch shade and relax in between games of fetch. This Crate is very portable. From the collapsed crate to set up simply: Lift the inner bars Snap them together Zip the top zipper It also comes with an attached storage pouch, which is perfect for any favored toys you’d like to keep with your pup at all times. The FrontPet Soft-Sided Pet Crate XXL serves many purposes; it’s a home, training space (for crate training and housebreaking) , and, in the worst case scenario, a time-out. This crate makes your life easier and your dog’s life much more fun. Order your crate today, your dog will thank you! Specs: 48 x 30 x 30 (LxWxH) Inches: All pieces are fully assembled. Simply lift the inner bars, snap them together, and zip the top zipper. The crate is ready for use inside outside or for car travel Durable water-resistant base making a perfect indoor or outdoor dog crate for small and large dogs Well-ventilated pet crate with rounded corners protect home decor and auto interior. Comparable to the Noz2Noz and Petnation Crate Sets up in seconds anywhere you want to go: Dog House folds easily and can be taken with you for traveling purposes 30 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee!

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