MusicReader PDF 4 Software for MAC and PC on CD


Manage your PDF sheet music library, create playlists, and make annotations with MusicReader PDF 4 for Mac and PC computers. With MusicReader PDF 4 for Mac and PC, you can carry your entire music library with you wherever you go. Find any piece instantly. Create playlists and customize effortless page turns. View music in a variety of formats: zoomed half page, full page, rotated portrait (for non-Mac supported graphics cards) , and double page views. Annotate your music with digital ink in multiple colors non-destructively. MusicReader PDF 4 works with all PDF files natively. Mac and PC compatible, with MusicReader PDF for iPad available separately through the Apple App Store (MusicReader PDF for iPad is included in the price for this software – purchase MusicReader for iPad app from the Apple App Store, then click here to request a reimbursement from the developer) .  Use MusicReader PDF 4 for Mac and PC to scan and create PDF files from your paper scores, then transfer them wirelessly to your iPad with the MusicReader PDF for iPad app. MusicReader PDF 4 comes with a full set of musicians’ tools, including: A music library. Store your sheet music and find it easily and quickly. The library also has playlist support so you can make lists of pieces for rehearsals and performances. The music can be categorized according to title, composer, genre, instrument and instrumentation. Turn half or whole pages. MusicReader can turn half pages or whole pages to make it easier to play without interruption. Or view two pages of music on one screen. Annotate in multiple colors and line widths. It is also possible to draw predefined symbols and highlight certain locations in the music. All annotations can be easily erased. Zoom to 8x original size. The sheet music can be displayed in full size without any bars and/or menus on screen, making the music optimally readable. Tune your instrument while viewing the sheet music. The tuner can generate tones or listen to what you pl

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