Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Skin & Itch Irritation for Cats (4 oz)


Stop the Scratching and Itching with a Natural Remedy Of course a scratch now and again is normal for a cat, but if it becomes a frequent habit or you can see skin or fur irritation, choosing a Natural Pet Pharmaceutical remedy is a safe and fast way to relieve your cat’s skin irritation. The most frequent causes of the itching, scratching and biting of a skin irritation are allergies. Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Skin itch Irritation for Cats (4oz) is a safe and natural way to help your pets relieve their discomfort. The use of a skin and itch medication can help your cat feel symptom relief while it is being addressed. Benefits Provides immediate relief of your pets itching and scratching. Natural and safe, made with organic materials combined to form a skin irritant reliever. Tested and approved for long-term use.

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