Reliable MSK-588 Portable Blindstitch Machine with Skip Stitch


Reliable MSK-588 Portable Blindstitch Machine with Skip StitchProduct Features PORTABLE BLINDSTITCH WITH SKIP-STITCHFor small hemming jobs we recommend our model MSK-588. Having a small, portable blindstitch is a great time saver versus doing it by hand. With the skip stitch feature and the adjustable stitch penetration dial, you can easily fine tune from fine to medium weight fabrics.QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ONFor hemming pants, skirts, and dresses, the MSK-588 with all metal casting offers the whole package. Low noise and vibration design, outstanding build quality (Made in Taiwan) and reliability. * Adjustable stich penetration * The adjustable stitch penetration dial allows the user to modify the depth of the needle penetration, ensuring that the stitch does not show on the outside of the fabric. * Needle eye guard * To protect your eyes, the MSK-588 is equipped with a clear plastic eye guard. * Skip stitch lever * Adjust from 1:1 to 2:1 with a simple flick of a lever. Allows the machine to skip every other stitch which reduces puckering on light-weight fabrics. * 1,725-RPM speed * 3.25 maximum hem width * Knee activated plunger drop * Adjustable thread tension * Swing-away plate * 0-7 mm stitch length * 8 mm foot lift (knee) * Weight: 24 Lb * Instruction / parts manual included * Tool kit, thread stand included * Individually tested and sewn off before shipping

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