Reptiles Turtle Automatic Feeder Self-feeder Pet Supplies Black


Feeding twice in 24 hours easy to operate without setting. It is a rare quality product. Exquisite workmanship reasonable design scientific and practical It can be fixed on the cover or the edge of the water tank adjustable. If there is a cover on the water tank the clamp as shown on the bottom of the picture is not needed. You only need to put the feeder besides the feeding port of the water tank place it on the cover of the tank horizontally and make the feeder face the feeding port of the water tank cover. Name: Automatic Feeder Type: DD-AF2 Color: Black Size: 10.5 x 8.5 x 8 cm (H x W x D) Battery: 1 x AA Battery (not included) Note: The feeder does not need any settings just install the battery and fill the fodder. It runs twice per 24 hours and your are only required to adjust the amount of food. Setting method: Just rotate the orange food feeding tube. After slightly rotated the feeding tube rotate the feeder clockwise for one circle manually and check the difference between the food amount and the usual food amount (It feeds twice a day so the food amount each time is recommended to be half of one days food amount) . If it is not appropriate you should rotate the feeding tube slightly clockwise or counterclockwise and rotate feeder box clockwise then check the food amount. After adjustments you can install the feeder on the water tank. You will not worry about your fishes when you are travelling out. 1 x Feeder 1 x Instruction Book In blister package

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